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nature & wildlife art, Biblical animals art, inspirational scripture quotes, Bible Text WELCOME to the Nature Stewardship Fund website. We sincerely hope that you'll find the artwork enjoyable and, at least in some small measure, inspirational.

One of our goals is to bring a degree of attention to the creatures that share the world our Creator designed for us. In addition to the general philosophy of man being the caretaker of the earth, the Bible contains many references to specific animals as their natural behaviors relate to human characteristics or represent examples of traits for us to emulate (or avoid).

The images in the Biblical Animal Gallery are inspired depictions of animals specifically referenced in the scriptures, both Old and New Testaments. The animals portrayed, and the accompanying quotes, are intended to offer some insight into connections between the wild and the human worlds, and possibly heighten our appreciation of God's utterly astonishing creations.

As a small symbol of the above philosophy, the artist has placed a cross and a heart within each pen and ink illustration. To add to the fun, the heart and cross symbols are not always easy to find.

It seems that the day-to-day world has become too hectic and stress packed for us to see anything not perched firmly at the end of our nose. All too often we conduct our lives in blinders- never looking at the natural wonders all around us. We all must travel through nature every day (even in the densest urban environs). We fail to see the small flower in the cracked sidewalk we just stepped over. We shade our eyes from the oh-so-bright sunshine and miss the soaring hawk. Yet, sometime in almost everyone's past, there was a nature experience that, when recalled, still brings that special peace. Experiences like eating wild berries, fishing with someone special, finding a butterfly cocoon in a garden or watching an animal give birth. Those special moments are lodged in our hearts, and when remembered, bring smiles to our faces.

The artist believes that the Biblical Animals should be meaningful in our everyday lives. We hope to share some of the artist's passion for all of God's natural miracles and, hopefully, bring a welcome distraction and possibly encourage a moment of silent reflection.

It's all about Love.

The other galleries represent various stages of the development of the artist's pen & ink technique; the earliest here began in the 1970's.

Aside from bringing heightened spiritual awareness through art and nature, a significant purpose of NSF is to participate in funding spiritually based nature and wildlife youth education programs. Fully one third (1/3) of the gross proceeds from the sale of the art will be distributed to selected organizations, camps and facilities to help support operations and programs. The recipients of these contributions will be selected solely by the directors of the Nature Stewardship Fund.

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