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5 Great Weed-Inspired Artists

As you probably know, cannabis has already been legalized in a great number of states, not including Canada and other countries. It is believed to have a positive impact on our health, relieving chronic pain, improving muscle strength, and saving us from depression. Many online companies sell edible stuff with the CBD component, including oils, crèmes, gummies, and even dog treats (check for more detailed information). But besides all that, cannabis has a great impact on our creativity, allowing us to create masterpieces inspired by one joint. Thus, the plant has become the catalyst of inspiration for a number of talented artists.

People creating cannabis-based art

Now consuming marijuana, you don`t risk being arrested – at least, in those states where it`s legalized. You can take it to relieve pain, symptoms of mental health illnesses, and just to boost your mood when you feel sad. Some online companies like fabcbd offer a great range of products compared to standard pills, powders and weed: gummies, oils, creams, and other tasty things (you may discover another company and its assortment of cannabis-based products in hemplucid reviews). Moreover, now on the web, you can find over 400 inspired artists that practice smoking weed to become more creative.
Even though there is no scientific proof that CBD products can make a person more talented than they are, many weed smokers credit it for their works of art. With the increase of marijuana use, there appear even specialized classes called Puff, Pass, and Paint where participants smoke up before starting to paint. Among some popular weed artists you can find:
1. Vincent Gordon
This guy creates mystical cartoons with colorful, animated characters. Even though his style may be called eccentric, he is a really talented artist who created pieces for Snoop Dogg, also collaborating with other people and projects. The artist states that he started smoking weed 25 years ago and marijuana helped him in the propaganda of its legalization;
2. Alexandra Caprice
The art of this illustrator mostly consists of female ghostly-animated characters who like smoking weed. The young author is also recognized for her Instagram account, where she shares posts of her art pieces along with some private pictures. Her art is real-life and fun and is mostly focused on women smoking marijuana;
3. Anita Toke
Anita draws inspiration from the famous plant and is actively using medical marijuana sold online (read more about one of such companies in an elixinol review). She believes that cannabis should be celebrated, and her art consists of detailed, colorful paintings of the plant. The passion of this girl for weed is quite evident in all her works, and her main goal is to create something describing the positive side of marijuana;
4. Pierre Schmidt
One of the popular artists on our list is Pierre, the German weed smoker, also known as Dromsjel. The main theme of his works is women with different flowers growing from the different parts of their bodies. His pieces are more psychological and make you think about what the artist was trying to say with this;
5. Fernando de la Rocque
This artist comes from Brazil and is not only inspired but actually uses cannabis to create his pieces. In his series of works, he presents pictures of religious and political famous people smoking weed. Fernando exhaled cannabis smoke onto prepared in advance stencils.
Of course, there are more talented artists who use weed to get inspired, and you can even try your hand in painting as well, rolling a joint beforehand.

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