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Once upon a time

Once upon a time, there lived a young boy in a faraway kingdom in France. One afternoon as he was walking through his father's lavender fields, he heard a distinct rustling in the grass. William reached down and searched the grass with his flashlight, for it was now dusk and the day was becoming dark. All of a sudden he heard, "baaaa." Little William jumped up and squealed. This sound was unfamiliar and frightening. From all of the books he had read about animals and sounds he had heard, he couldn't recognize this sound. He was fixing to call for help on his walkie talkie when he felt something soft rub against his skin.

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Ordering Nature and Wildlife Artwork

Reproductions of the art is offered for sale in three formats:


Printed on the highest quality acid free art paper and archival ink, this is the quality level that printers classify as 100-year longevity. The museum quality prints are 11 inches wide by 15 inches high. This approximates the size of the original artwork and is ideal to matt and frame to 16 inches by 20 inches.

The price is $35.95 per print (of which $12.00 [1/3 of the gross] will be donated directly to non-profit Children's nature education programs) plus shipping and handling of $4.05 (Continental US).

Fine Art Print = Total $40.00 per print


The smaller reproduction is printed on Natural White, smooth 80lb card stock. These prints are in the standard 8" x 10" format and of a very high quality, suitable for framing.

The price is $11.95 per print (of which $4.00 will be donated to previously mentioned non-profit organizations) plus shipping and handling of $4.05 (Continental US).

Small Print = Total $16.00 per print


Each Gallery is now represented with a greeting card set. The quality is the same as the small prints and will be packaged 14 to a set. The format is standard nominal 4"x5" with no notations inside and matching envelopes. The mix is as follows:

Biblical Animal Gallery = 1 of each
Mythical Animals Gallery = 7 of each
Animal Shelter Gallery = 4 Pelicans, 5 Bobcat and 5 Deer
Oldies Gallery = 2 each of all 5 animals and the Farmhouse, 1 each of the Mill and Barn
Northlife Gallery = 4 Loons, 5 Chipmunks and 5 Moose

The price is $21.95 per box of 14 (of which $7.30 is to be donated) plus $4.05 S&H;

Greeting Cards = Total $26.00 per box

Web orders are currently our only outlet. The art is not sold matted and framed. The artist is not presumptive enough to choose matt colors and frame styles for someone else. The art should be framed by the new owner to be compatible with it's new home.

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