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Fun Ways to Get Students to Read the Bible

Scripture reading is considered today as a vital part of our Christian spiritual growth. The older generation has learned the most of its text and can quote it, but students find reading tough and maybe even useless. If a student reads the Bible, he will do it not more than once, as reading the same things a few times is dull. Look at some fun ways to read the bible and choose the most suitable for yourself.

The Bible’s New Interpretation

You will be surprised how many interpretations the Bible has and how each translation is different from the previous one. Scripture reading in new interpretation gives a new way of thinking of things you had read before but didn’t pay attention to their meanings.

Download the Bible Onto Your Phone

Do you think having the Bible application on your phone is weird? It was a few decades ago, but not anymore. Having downloaded the Bible, you can have it at hand at any time, read it while you’re traveling or during the break. It’s like having an app that can help you every time you ask it, “Can you help me write an essay?” and it provides you with necessary paper. Now there are no such apps of homework helpers, but you can find various apps. They are designed in colors, have pictures, and a clipboard that allows you to copy the quote you like and paste into social networks.
Audio Bible is the Best Choice While You Are on the Journey
Get involved in listening to the audio version of the Bible, and your journey time will pass faster. You can download the version where the Bible is narrated by one person, for example, any famous person. Or you can choose the audiobook where there is a cast, and all dialogues are read for roles. In any case, listening to pleasant actors’ voices are better than worsening your eyesight.

Watch the Biblical Performance

Nowadays there are a lot of biblical performances in theatre with various casts: from unknown beginner actors to the world’s biggest stars. The new interpretation of the Bible on the stage helps you have a fresh look at a lot of things. At least, you might compare the decorations of the stage and the scenery described in the book or dialogues of main characters. If you think that there is nothing new to see in the modern theatre, take your time to get tickets.

Watch the Movie Instead of Reading

If you have finally found some spare time to dive into God’s business and even have dealt your homework issue, asking the writing service, “How much should I pay someone to do my essay?” There are a lot of Bible movies, but you’d better choose movies where the focus is made not on the dramatic elements, but the exact paraphrase of the Bible. The actors do some actions like playing their parts, but, indeed, it can’t be called a performance. While watching, you can get a good visual understanding if you don’t want to be distracted by performances.

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